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statuetki do animacji o_nas statuetki do animacji o_nas

We have been at your service since 2000. Laser 3D was the first company in Poland to introduce the technology of engraving inside glass. Our aim is constant development and improvement of our engraving techniques in order to offer you the highest level of service.

Today, after 12 years of operating, we have enormous experience in creating unique products, which are a modern way of promoting a company and commemorating events of the highest importance. We recommend our statuettes as thank-you gifts, honourable mention prizes, jubilee awards, and sports trophies.

We also offer engravings for elements of interior design (doors, tables, shelves, and LED backlit pictures).

Our products add splendour to the most prestigious festivals and conferences and our services are used by the largest companies both in the country and abroad.


A laser beam allows engraving magnificent 2D or 3D compositions leaving the outer surface of glass untouched. We have a huge engraving table, the biggest in Poland, which enables us to engrave not only inside glass chunks but also inside large glass panes, which are modern elements of interior design, used for example in table tops, information boards, and glass panels. Our products are an excellent way of promoting a company or a product, a splendid idea for unique and personalised gifts, and a way to create individual interiors in offices or houses. Our products delight not only with their beauty but also with their unbelievably perfect workmanship.


We can create any compositions, combining plate glass with glass chunks, stones, wood, plexiglass, and silver. We have products of the highest quality. The minimum glass thickness is 4 mm. The shortest period of waiting for glass, which we do not have always in stock, is 35 days. The glass used for engraving has to be free of any defects.


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